Available NOW - Essential Oil Travel Packs

Travel packsTraveling in and out of the country over the years our family saw the need for a small travel pack of basic essential oils, hence Nona's Travel Pack. Fits in your pocket, purse, brief case, back pack. When our family travels, we always take our herbal tinctures, homeopathic remedies, some super foods and of course our Essential Oil aromatherapy.

I can't tell you how many times I have pulled out my travel pack to help someone in need, whether it be a burn, mosquito bite, belly ache or seriously infected cut, these essential oils have come in handy countless times!

This attractive padded pack -- which is like a small folded wallet -- comes with 10 basic Essential Oils

Wild Lavender, Blood Orange, Organic Italian Lemon, Organic Rose Geranium, Wild Frankincense, Organic Australian Tea Tree, Organic Green Velvet Eucalyptus, Sweet Birch, WIld Himalayan Cedar, and Peppermint in small easy to use 5/8 dram glass bottles (approximately 1-2 mls depending on the viscosity of the oil). Substitutions are available at an added cost depending upon the choice of oil.

These oils are highly concentrated and should be used in small doses, averaging no more than 3-5 drops a day on your body. But smelling them as one travels and needs a lift, is a great added bonus. For instance, when traveling on planes, I always drop some strong aromatics on a scarf or tissue and inhale while the person across the way is coughing and sneezing. A little added protection never hurts!

Includes a signed Pocket Guide to Aromatherapy by revered local Herbalist, Aromatherapist, teacher, author and friend Kathi Keville.

Click here for a full list of styles and patterns. Each of these travel packs are a one-of-a kind, so hurry while supplies last! If it is on the site, it is still available.

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