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Beautiful soft-rounded scent. In a compress or massage oil, eases indigestion, muscle and nerve tension, and pain. Fragrance alleviates and relieves depression and insomnia,and lowers blood pressure slightly. The action of estrogen is slightly promoted making it useful for women's ailments. Helps to rejuvenate adrenal glands. Used for mature, wrinkled, inflamed or blemished skin. It's ability to reduce perspiration and destroy bacteria makes this essential oil a useful addition to deodorants.


Caution: Large amounts may raise blood pressure and may lead to headaches and could intensify dreams. Problems may occur if used with anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals. The use of this essential oil may increase the effects of alcohol consumption.


Country of Origin:  France

Source:  Eco-Wild

Bottle Size:  12ml

Clary Sage

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