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Rosemarinus Officinalis variety. This is a selected low pressure, low temperature distillation of a certified true Rosemary Verbenon. The resulting fragrance is a crisp crystalline note of exceptional clarity. Excellent for mental fatigue, concentration, exhaustion and headaches. Also a good expectorant for congested lungs in bronchitis. It helps to regenerate dry and mature skin when blended at 1-2%(3-6 drops in 15 ml carrier oil- apricot kernel is excellent for the face). Non-irritating on the skin. For dry hair it can be added to conditioners. Also useful for palpitations and hypotension by inhalation. Liver function stimulant and endocrine regulator. Avoid with pregnancy, high blood pressure, hyper-sensitive liver and hormone dependent cancer.


Country of Origin:  South Africa

Source:  Organic

Bottle Size:  6ml

Rosemary Verbanon

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