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A variety of the Lavender Angustofolia.  It yields 41% linalyl acetate, whereas the normal yield of this ester is 27-30%. Esters are aromatic molecules whcih are excellent for stress and tension.This wolrd class lavender is grown in the French-Swiss Alps. Lavender Mailette is a great antispasmodic. Antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Useful in infections of lung, sinus,vaginal and skin. Reduces inflammation and pain in the muscles and in headaches. Useful for all complexion types in healing acne, stretch marks, wounds, sun damage, rashes, scars and burns. Improves digestion and boosts immunity. A sedative and relaxer of brain waves, it is useful in reducing stress and depression.


Country of Origin:  France

Source:  Organic

Bottle Size:  12ml

Lavender Mailette (Organic)

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