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Our body products include a full line of body powders and herbal pain relief products. By combining all natural, organic and wild crafted ingredients with love and attention to detail, Amedeo Essentials brings you body products that appeal to your senses as well as being good for your body and the planet.  On our humble land in the Sierra Foothills, we harvest St. John’s Wort which is then infused in local organic olive oil.  This oil is used in our proprietary blends: Nona’s Anti-Inflammatory Pain BlendScar Oil, and Thai Treasure Salve.

Nona's Pain Blends

Amedeo Essentials creates blends to alleviate pain and inflammation, using wildcrafted herbs and essential oils.

Nona's anti-inflammatory pain blend came about from massage therapists requesting a blend that could help clients with aches and pains.

Thai Treasure Salve was created in a similar way after a trip to Thailand with a local friend and massage therapist. She purchased many Thai herbal packs produced organically under the King's project. We came home and one of our assistants said, "Let's make a salve with the Thai herbs." The result is a delicious smelling salve that has many uses.

Both products contain essential oils and herbs that are known to help with pain.

Nona's Body Powders

Nona is the word for Grandmother in Italian. Nona began making an all natural baby powder for her two sons years ago when she could not find one on the market. Now she is making them for her two Grandsons!

Our recipes have worked for generations. We make our powders in small batches to ensure greater quality. Our products are made with only the finest blends of pure, organic and wildcrafted essential oils in a base of organic corn starch, kaolin clay, and arrowroot powder.


Currently, Amedeo Essentials is carrying one perfume product. 



Enchanting citrus-floral euphoric blend.

Concentration/no alcohol.

Lip Balms

Currently, Amedeo Essentials is carrying one lip balm product. 



Best lip balm, hands down, on the market.  I've been using it myself for decades.  Lip Bliss is made by a very close friend and herbalist extraordinaire, Cindy Gilmore of Sweet Medicine Botanicals 

Pain Blends
Body Powders
Lip Balms
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