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Thai Treasure Salve was created after a trip to Thailand with a local friend and massage therapist. She purchased many Thai herbal packs, produced in Chang Mai. The herbal packs are steamed and used in Traditional Thai massages.


The Thai Treasure salve was born out of the idea that these herbs when applied topically can promote circulation, ease pain, and shift energry.


Our salve has many different Thai herbs as well as three kinds of turmeric,thus when applied, a beautiful yellow color can be seen on the skin and hands,do not worry it is not permanent. We also added Pessential oils of lemongrass, plai, and eucalyptus.


Caution: The Thai  Treasure salve can stain  clothes, use caution when applying, or make sure to put on dark colors, so as not to discolor light colored clothing.


Comes in two sizes:

Bottle Size:  1oz

Bottle Size:  2oz

Thai Treasure Salve

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