This is an exquisite species of Oregano. It is a strong antibacterial,anti-viral, and anti-parasitic oil rich in phenols, thymol,and carvacol, It is also an immunostimulant used for colds, fever, and flu in low concentrations of 1/2 of % can be used locally on the skin for acne, skin infections, and insect bites. Useful in inhalations for respiratory infections. Can be used for sore muscles in massage. Excellent mental stimulant, good for exhaustion. Can be used for digestive infections, Caution: This oil can be a dermal and mucus membrane irritant. Use at 2% or less. Do not use for more than 7-10 days. Avoid use on pregnant women, babies, and children.


Country of Origin:  Morocco

Source:  Organic

Bottle Size:  6ml

Oregano Compactum (Organic)


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